On  6 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> This has been mentioned at least three times on this list: one of them
> works, the other doesn't.

 Both don't work correctly, as I stated before. Do you read my mails?
 The Bezier Select Tool behaves very strange: Points appear automatically
 here and there and sometimes I can't change a curve. I don't know how
 this can be reproduced as I can't trigger this bugs always... :/

> Even a gimp-beginner can find this out in minute or so.

 A beginner will most probably not use this tool for making
 selection because it'll give strange results if you don't know how it
 works... No, this aren't just my thoughts. I demonstrated the GIMP
 to quite a lot of people who are using it now and tell me those things.
> Serious question: are you reading this list, or are you ignoring what
> others write? I am not so sure anymore...

 I do read this list but I can't read any messages that didn't go
 through my mail system first, if you know a fix for this, I'd really
 appreciate it... :)



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