On Sat, Feb 05, 2000 at 01:09:13PM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> >  I think it's time to remove that useless pencil before the release
> >  of the magic version 1.2. Did anyone use it in the last time?
> >  It contains no functionality that paintbrush doesn't have except of
> >  hard edges (anyone needing that "feature"?)...
> It is a very important feature, believe me! But the pencil can easily
> be merged with the Paintbrush by adding a "Hard Edges" option. This will
> add all the goodies the paintbrush has (like gradient and fadeout) to 
> the pencil tool for free.

Argh.. I am used to toggle between paintbrush and pencil. Like I pointed out
in my previous mail on this thread, I use the paintbrush as a "fine tuning"
tool together with the "real" tool I am drawing with. And if it is the
paintbrush, then there is no way to toggle fast between those.. clicking a
checkbox every time instead of pressing a shortcut key sounds clumsy.

> I'm all for removing the Path Tool, the Xinput Airbrush and and merging
> Pencil and Paintbrush. If I counted correctly this would reduce the 
> number of tools to 24. This is a perfect number of tools since 
> 24 % [2|3|4] == 0 which means we always get a nicely layed out toolbox.

Wasnt the path tool intended as a replacement for the current bezier tool
anyway? So it's button was only temporary until it was ready for use. Is it
alive anymore?


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