Michael J. Hammel said...
|I'm curious why any new plug-ins should be added to the core *at all*.
|Gimp's distribution is fairly large as it is.  Isn't it getting time to
|limit additional plug-ins to the core distribution to plug-ins which are
|considered "vital" in some way?  Even some estoric file plug-ins need not
|necessarily be included with the core package.  Throwing in the kitchen
|sink is what's starting to bloat some Linux distros.


If anything, we should be looking at whether
some of them might come out.  (Perhaps not
for 1.2, since there are books on the way.)

Otherwise we end up with something like the
USA law, which just grows and gets more
complex until nobody really knows it.

The core distribution should include all the
basic, crucial plugins, and a smattering of
interesting/cool ones.  Beyond that, we
should be looking at how to distribute the

   - Should we ship packages of somehow
     related (TBD) plugins?
   - Should we just use the registry, but
     with one or more tree views in addition
     to the monolithic, linear view?
   - Just stick with the crurent registry?
     (Good for geeks, too intense for a lot
     of folks)
   - Something else?

If this has been discussed and is being worked on,
and I simply missed it, I apologize.  But at any
rate, I don't think the answer is shipping the
GIMP with every known plugin.  Maybe that could
be an option, but it should *not* be the default.


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