Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Daniel Egger wrote:
> >  It works, it may not have all the features that Simon desired but it's
> >  nice nevertheless...
> Do you have any idea how much work is needed to integrate it with the 
> Paths dialog? A number of new bugs would certainly be introduced by doing
> so. That's why I say: It's too late!

Agreed. Its a pity that I dont have the time to complete the tool at the
moment and - as pointed out earlier - I dont dare to touch the Path-Dialog
in the current feature-freeze state. The converting-to-selection should
be pretty easy.

> >  I'd like to hear the thoughts of developers, too....

Hmm - Sven is no developer??? Did you mean me? I did the above statement
some time ago - so what?

The behaviour of the old Path-tool is strange - yes. But I dont think it
is buggy. I can not remember how to use it and so it sometimes seems
strange when clicking on an anchor creates a new anchor. But this
is not a bug: To move an anchor you have to press IIRC Ctrl.



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