I'm just trying to catch up on the traffic here since returning from
LinuxWorld.  There has been lots of very interesting discussion of late,
but I wasn't sure if I understood what the consensus was for each thread.
Here is my interpretation so far.  Let me know if I got it wrong.

Prior to 1.2:
1. The XInput Airbrush and Path tool will be removed from the Toolbox.
2. Seth (I think) would like the default brush to change from the
   Caligraphic brush to something else (perhaps to whatever the old default
   was, but I don't remember what that was).
3. Start of self-documenting code initiated by Sven.
4. Initialize a project at SourceForge for existing plug-ins which are not
   in the current CVS tree and will not be in the core 1.2 distribution.
   This will be the seed for the #3 change after 1.2.
5. Bug fixing, of course.

After 1.2:
1. The Path Tool and Bezier Select Tool will be merged.
2. The UI and core will be separated.
3. Some set of filter and file plug-ins will be moved from the core CVS to
   SourceForge to be managed separately.
4. Merging of some duplicate code pointed out by Martin Webber
5. Add PBM save (since the PBM filter is currently saving as PNM).

Things I'm not clear on:
1. Should the pencil and paintbrush be merged?  Arguments were present both
   ways, but it appeared the consensus was to keep Pencil and Paintbrush
2. Will a subset of filters be left in the core CVS when the rest are moved
   to Source Forge?
3. Will the Xinput Airbrush be merged with the old Airbrush?

A couple other notes:  removing XInput Airbrush and Path Tool will leave an odd
number of tools in the toolbox which won't shape nicely in 2 or 3 columns.
Perhaps the measure tool could be removed from the Toolbox but left in the
menus until the Airbrush is added back in.  Its just a thought.

I really think a list of items to focus on after 1.2 should probably be
started now.  I suppose I could do that if everyone would like, unless its
already being done by someone.  That list would be a good place to offload
requests that really can't be done in <60 days.
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