Dear GIMP developers,

In about a week (that is, around February 15, 2000), my book "Grokking
the GIMP" will become available for sale from both bookstores and
online sources. 

This announcement is to let you know that Laurie Petrycki, my editor
at New Riders Publishing, has generously agreed to send a
complimentary copy of the book to each of the "core" developers of the
GIMP.  The definition we finally agreed on for the core developers are
those persons whose names are listed in the file "about_dialog.c" as
of version 1.1.15 of the GIMP (see attached list).

To let you know a little about the book, "Grokking the GIMP" is a full
4-color, intermediate to advanced guide.  Its goal is to explain the
most powerful tools in the GIMP, and how to use these tools in the
most effective ways.  In addition to the conceptual approach adopted
by the book, nine major projects, as well as many smaller ones,
present the practical aspects of using the GIMP for advanced image
manipulation work.  The book covers in detail photo touchup, image
enhancement, image compositing, rendering, and image development for
the Web.  For more on the book, you can visit the New Riders Web-site

I am also happy to announce that the book will be available under an
open publication license.  I am currently setting up the Web-site that
will make the contents of "Grokking the GIMP" available to the public
at large, and I hope to debut the site before the end of February

I plan to send an individual e-mail to each of the persons named in
the following list.  However, because I am not sure that all the
e-mail addresses I have are correct, and because I am missing the
addresses of several listed developers I am asking you to help notify
those who may not be reading this mailing list.

For those of you on the following list who are interested in receiving
a complimentary copy of "Grokking the GIMP", please send me your
snail-mail address and indicate whether you would like me to sign your

Best regards,

Carey Bunks

Dr. Carey Bunks                     
Senior Scientist                    
BBN Corp.                           
70 Fawcett St, 15/2A                
Cambridge,  MA 02138                
tel: 617-873-3028  fax: 617-873-2918
email:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]              

GIMP Developers list (taken from about_dialog.c -- please forward
missing e-mail addresses -- thanks!):

Peter Mattis                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Spencer Kimball             [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Lauri Alanko                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Shawn Amundson              [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
John Beale                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Zach Beane                  [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tom Bech                    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Marc Bless                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Edward Blevins              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Roberto Boyd
Stanislav Brabec            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Simon Budig                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Seth Burgess                [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Brent Burton                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Francisco Bustamante        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ed Connel                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Jay Cox                     [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Kenneth Christiansen        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Andreas Dilger              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Austin Donnelly             [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Scott Draves                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Misha Dynin                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Daniel Egger                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Larry Ewing                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Nick Fetchak                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Valek Filippov              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
David Forsyth
Jim Geuther                   
Scott Goehring              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Heiko Goller                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Michael Hammel              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
James Henstridge            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Christoph Hoeg              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Wolfgang Hofer              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Jan Hubicka                 [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Simon Janes                 [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Tim Janik                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tuomas Kuosmanen            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Peter Kirchgessner          [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Karin Kylander
Olof S Kylander             [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Nick Lamb                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Karl LaRocca                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Chris Lahey                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Jens Lautenbacher           [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Laramie Leavitt             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Elliot Lee                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Marc Lehmann                [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Raph Levien                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Wing Tung Leung         
Adrian Likins               [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tor Lillqvist               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ingo Luetkebohle            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Josh MacDonald              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ed Mackey                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Daniele Medri               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Vidar Madsen                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Marcelo Malheiros           [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ian Main                    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Kjartan Maraas              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Kelly Martin                [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Torsten Martinsen           [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Federico Mena               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
David Monniaux              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Adam D. Moss                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sung-Hyun Nam               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Shuji Narazaki              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Michael Natterer            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sven Neumann                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Stephen Robert Norris       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Erik Nygren                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Balazs Nagy                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Miles O'Neal                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Garry R. Osgood             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Jay Painter                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Asbjorn Pettersen           [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Mike Phillips               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Raphael Quinet              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Vincent Renardias           [EMAIL PROTECTED]
James Robinson
Mike Schaeffer              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tracy Scott
Aaron Sherman
Manish Singh                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Nathan Summers
Mike Sweet                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Eiichi Takamori             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tristan Tarrant             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Owen Taylor                 [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ian Tester                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Andy Thomas                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
James Wang
Kris Wehner                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Matthew Wilson              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Shirasaki Yasuhiro          [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ville Hautamaki             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tomas Ogren                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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