[read through, there is one more bugreport on the bottom]

On Sat, Feb 05, 2000 at 11:50:56PM -0800, Martin Weber wrote:
> Here a list of buggy plugins in GIMP-1.1.16:
> tileable blur plugin:
> the status bar is appearing in an extra window
      ^^^^^^^^^^ meaning progressbar. 

If I remember correctly the progress window also happens on lot of the save
plugins. In theory those all could be in the statusbar if the window has

> ----------------------------------------------
> color exchange / color mapping plugins:
> color selection: you can choose a color but black is taken instead

This happened the first time I opened the color selector, but I know what it
is. You need to select a value for the color too. It defaults to black so
you have value 0 there. Need to select the brightness from the vertical

> ----------------------------------------------
> sample colorize plugin:
> when starting this plugin you get:
> Gtk-CRITICAL: file gtkwidget.c: line 3313 (gtk_widget_set_sensitive):
> assertion 'widget!=NULL' failed.

I have no idea what this plugin is supposed to do? It doesnt seem to work
like I expect (to colorize a image based on colors of another, right?)

> ----------------------------------------------
> max rgb / value invert plugins:
> the effect is only applied to a small rectangle

You probably had a selection active or a floated layer there. Works fine on
my system.

> ----------------------------------------------
> curve bend plugin:
> no undo possible

This is correct. Maybe it left the undo locked?

> ----------------------------------------------
> pnm plugin:
> When I save pbm in GIMP it is not saved as pbm but as pnm.

What is the difference between those? I dont know use those formats that
much so I dont know. But convert's manpage says:

PBM+   Portable bitmap format (black and white).
PNM+   Portable anymap.

So it looks like they might be related?

If you mean the windows image format it is .bmp, not .bpm.

Ok, here for my bugreport:

I have found yet another bug myself: go to Image->Colors->Colormap Rotation
Don't the color circles look weird? I think they are negative! It also seems
to work that way. Since it seems to select opposite colors from what the
circles indicate. Someone changed an 1 to -1 somewhere? :)



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