On  7 Feb, Simon Budig wrote:

> Agreed. Its a pity that I dont have the time to complete the tool at
> the moment and - as pointed out earlier - I dont dare to touch the
> Path-Dialog in the current feature-freeze state. The
> converting-to-selection should be pretty easy.

 Hm, I'll have a look at this and will make some tests whether this

>>>  I'd like to hear the thoughts of developers, too....

> Hmm - Sven is no developer???

 Of course he is, and a very important one indeed. It's a very bad and
 silly typo. Should have been:
 'I'd like to hear the thoughts of OTHER developers, too....'

 One thought isn't enough for me... :)

> The behaviour of the old Path-tool is strange - yes. But I dont think
> it is buggy. I can not remember how to use it and so it sometimes
> seems strange when clicking on an anchor creates a new anchor. But
> this is not a bug: To move an anchor you have to press IIRC Ctrl.

 OK, will try to use it... 
 Let's get 1.2 out of the door so we can concentrate on the nifty
 features again... :))



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