I'm not a gimp-developer but use it since 0.54 and would like
to be a little bit close to the book -) Is it possible to setup
mirror of your book online in Russia ? I may offer our web site
at Moscow University ( Certainly your book
online will be full of graphic and it would be a pain for russian



On Mon, 7 Feb 2000, Carey Bunks wrote:

> Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 11:37:37 -0500
> From: Carey Bunks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Announcing a New GIMP Book
> Dear GIMP developers,
> In about a week (that is, around February 15, 2000), my book "Grokking
> the GIMP" will become available for sale from both bookstores and
> online sources. 
> This announcement is to let you know that Laurie Petrycki, my editor
> at New Riders Publishing, has generously agreed to send a
> complimentary copy of the book to each of the "core" developers of the
> GIMP.  The definition we finally agreed on for the core developers are
> those persons whose names are listed in the file "about_dialog.c" as
> of version 1.1.15 of the GIMP (see attached list).
> To let you know a little about the book, "Grokking the GIMP" is a full
> 4-color, intermediate to advanced guide.  Its goal is to explain the
> most powerful tools in the GIMP, and how to use these tools in the
> most effective ways.  In addition to the conceptual approach adopted
> by the book, nine major projects, as well as many smaller ones,
> present the practical aspects of using the GIMP for advanced image
> manipulation work.  The book covers in detail photo touchup, image
> enhancement, image compositing, rendering, and image development for
> the Web.  For more on the book, you can visit the New Riders Web-site
> at
> I am also happy to announce that the book will be available under an
> open publication license.  I am currently setting up the Web-site that
> will make the contents of "Grokking the GIMP" available to the public
> at large, and I hope to debut the site before the end of February
> 2000.
> I plan to send an individual e-mail to each of the persons named in
> the following list.  However, because I am not sure that all the
> e-mail addresses I have are correct, and because I am missing the
> addresses of several listed developers I am asking you to help notify
> those who may not be reading this mailing list.
> For those of you on the following list who are interested in receiving
> a complimentary copy of "Grokking the GIMP", please send me your
> snail-mail address and indicate whether you would like me to sign your
> copy.
> Best regards,
> Carey Bunks
> ------------------------------------
> Dr. Carey Bunks                     
> Senior Scientist                    
> BBN Corp.                           
> 70 Fawcett St, 15/2A                
> Cambridge,  MA 02138                
> tel: 617-873-3028  fax: 617-873-2918
> email:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]              
> ------------------------------------
> GIMP Developers list (taken from about_dialog.c -- please forward
> missing e-mail addresses -- thanks!):
> Peter Mattis                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Spencer Kimball             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Lauri Alanko                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Shawn Amundson              [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> John Beale                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Zach Beane                  [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Tom Bech                    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Marc Bless                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Edward Blevins              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Roberto Boyd
> Stanislav Brabec            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Simon Budig                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Seth Burgess                [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Brent Burton                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Francisco Bustamante        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Ed Connel                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Jay Cox                     [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Kenneth Christiansen        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Andreas Dilger              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Austin Donnelly             [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Scott Draves                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Misha Dynin                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Daniel Egger                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Larry Ewing                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Nick Fetchak                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Valek Filippov              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> David Forsyth
> Jim Geuther                   
> Scott Goehring              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Heiko Goller                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Michael Hammel              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> James Henstridge            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Christoph Hoeg              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Wolfgang Hofer              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Jan Hubicka                 [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Simon Janes                 [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Tim Janik                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Tuomas Kuosmanen            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Peter Kirchgessner          [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Karin Kylander
> Olof S Kylander             [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Nick Lamb                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Karl LaRocca                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Chris Lahey                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Jens Lautenbacher           [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Laramie Leavitt             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Elliot Lee                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Marc Lehmann                [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Raph Levien                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Wing Tung Leung         
> Adrian Likins               [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Tor Lillqvist               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Ingo Luetkebohle            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Josh MacDonald              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Ed Mackey                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Daniele Medri               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Vidar Madsen                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Marcelo Malheiros           [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Ian Main                    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Kjartan Maraas              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Kelly Martin                [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Torsten Martinsen           [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Federico Mena               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> David Monniaux              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Adam D. Moss                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sung-Hyun Nam               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Shuji Narazaki              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Michael Natterer            [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sven Neumann                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Stephen Robert Norris       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Erik Nygren                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Balazs Nagy                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Miles O'Neal                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Garry R. Osgood             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Jay Painter                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Asbjorn Pettersen           [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Mike Phillips               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Raphael Quinet              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Vincent Renardias           [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> James Robinson
> Mike Schaeffer              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Tracy Scott
> Aaron Sherman
> Manish Singh                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Nathan Summers
> Mike Sweet                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Eiichi Takamori             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Tristan Tarrant             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Owen Taylor                 [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Ian Tester                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Andy Thomas                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> James Wang
> Kris Wehner                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Matthew Wilson              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Shirasaki Yasuhiro          [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Ville Hautamaki             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Tomas Ogren                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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