Basically what happens is this.  I have an image I've captured somewhere else
(ie: screenshot in windows) and try to put text on top of it.  The text goes
in fine but is 100x the size it should be.  I have had to set the font size
to arial 8pt just to get something that is *close* to what 20pt should be. 

Then (as I found today) by just copying and pasting the image into a new
canvass the problems go away.  I don't know if this is the gimp (1.1.16
compiled today, but this has been doing this on and off in the previous
couple of versions), xfstt (1.1), the font (standard arial true type), or

It's hard to explain.  Head to for
screenshots and hopefully a more coherant explanation :)  The original image
is up there (bottom of the page), so hopefully someone else will find the
same problem.



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