Okay people,

 since there seems to be some i18n which I can't reproduce but
 a lot of people seem to experience it's time to take the next step.

 According to the bug report #6052 and the inline stacktrace it seems
 that menus_create_item in menus.c calles gtk_item_factory_create_item
 which then calles gtk_item_factory_parse_path which seems to cause the
 segfault. This leads to my assumption that an invalid path is being
 used OR a GtkItemEntry has a pointer to a not valid memory region.

 To aid debugging please send me your output from GIMP compiled with the
 little patch attached. Compile it, and run GIMP with gimp 2>log and
 send an mail with log attached to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

 I assume this bug is introduced by a broken gettext behaviour which
 my system doesn't suffer from. I tried all the hints given to reproduce
 this but my system stays stable (bastard :)) and GIMP runs like
 expected in the set language.  



--- app/menus.c.orig    Wed Feb  9 15:39:07 2000
+++ app/menus.c Wed Feb  9 15:46:40 2000
@@ -1555,6 +1555,8 @@
   menu_item = gtk_item_factory_get_item (item_factory,
                                         ((GtkItemFactoryEntry *) entry)->path);
+  fprintf(stderr,"Created: %s\n",((GtkItemFactoryEntry *) entry)->path);
   if (menu_item)
       gtk_signal_connect_after (GTK_OBJECT (menu_item), "realize",

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