I'd like to change the Toolbox to do this:

.____________________. or ._______________. or .____________.
| File Xtns Help     |    | File Xtns Help|    | File Xtns H|

rather than (as now) this:

.____________________. or ._______________. or .____________.
| File Xtns     Help |    | File Xtn Help |    | File  Help |

Can people please tell me why (technical or HCI reasons) I shouldn't
do this, given that we don't HAVE to use GTK+ features just because
they are there. Comparison with other image editing apps (especially
on Unix/Linux) is appreciated, flame wars are not.

Ideally, of course, GTK+ would do *something* when menus are not
given sufficient width allocation, but that's not fixable for Gimp
1.2.0 release. Right now what I have most resembles the left-most
bad case above, and it's impossible to choose Xtns(!)

PS This is, AFAIK, a one-liner change in some data, and thus very,
very unlikely to break anything.


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