> Since about two weeks, setting LANG to any value results on a segmentation
> fault on startup.
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x4015822d in g_strdup (str=0x81e8273 "help_page") at gstrfuncs.c:56
> gstrfuncs.c:56: No such file or directory.
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0x4015822d in g_strdup (str=0x81e8273 "help_page") at gstrfuncs.c:56
> #1  0x40107f18 in __DTOR_END__ ()
> #2  0x88b4b30 in ?? ()
> #3  0x42207265 in ?? ()

There's only one place where the string "help_page" is ever used and that's 
around line 1564 in menus.c:

  gtk_object_set_data (GTK_OBJECT (menu_item), "help_page",
                       (gpointer) entry->help_page);

which is called shortly after

  gtk_item_factory_create_item (item_factory,
                                (GtkItemFactoryEntry *) entry,

This is the function other people reported to crash, so I think you are
observing the same problem. I thought I would found the problem when I 
found out that the german catalog had a multiline help-line string with 
linebreaks etc. as the translation for a plugin menu_path. Up till
today only people using the german catalogs reported this problem. But 
now you are the second one to claim that it is not related to the german
catalog. I have today introduced a patch that should guard us from using
unintentionally wrong translations. 

I haven't beeen able to reproduce the problem, so I depend on more
bugreports. Please update your gimp tree and recompile (everything!), then 
tell us if the problem remains. 

Salut, Sven

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