Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 14:13:33 -0800
   From: "Carl B. Constantine" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   I'm curious as to when full CMYK support will be available in the GIMP?

   I looked at the Gimp-plugin on source forge and it mentions CMY printing for
   some inkjet style printers, but not sure if this is the same thing (not
   really knowing a whole lot about this).

   Forgive me if I've missed something, I was asked this by a friend (who uses
   Linux, but not GIMP for this reason).

Hi.  I'm the project lead for the gimp-print project on sourceforge.

CMYK is a bit of an oddball subject.  Partly this is because there are
so many variants (CMY, CMYK, CcMmYK, CcMmYy, CcMmYyK), and partly
because (to the best of my knowledge) this color space is really only
useful in the context of specific output devices, which is what the
print plugin deals with.

What specifically would your friend like?

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