On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Jon Winters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
You seem to have a problem with the date on your computer.  :-)

> I've had problems with the toolbox ever since it became re-sizable.  I can
> size it exactly the way I want it, three vertical rows of tools with
> colors, brushes, patterns, and gradients below but the brushes, patterns,
> and gradients are always pushed outside the window, invisible and
> un-usable.

Well, here is how I usually resize the Gimp toolbox so that it
becomes usable:

1 - Increase the height of the window to more than 400 pixels.  It is
    important to start with more than enough room at the bottom of the

2 - Do not change the height but reduce the width of the window so
    that exactly 3 columns of icons fit in it.  This is easier to do
    if your window manager allows you to resize a window only in one
    dimension (e.g. by dragging an edge instead of a corner).  For me,
    the best width is 86 pixels.

3 - Do not change the width but reduce the height of the window so
    that there is no blank space left between the last row of icons
    and the fg&bg colors.  For me, this means 86 x 376 pixels.

Another way to do it is to quit the Gimp, edit ~/.gimp-1.1/sessionrc
and change the entry for the toolbox so that it contains "(size 86 376)".

Hmmm...  Maybe this should go into a FAQ or something...

Note that I had some problems with some versions earlier than 1.1.16
(I don't remember which) that were very sensitive to any modification
of their size, and I had to leave some blank space between the last
row of icons and the fg&bg colors in order to get it to work.


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