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> On  5 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> >>> Thats not the point. The point is effective user feedback.
> >> Now, where are the users? :)
> > Here is one. If you are not a user you should not decide whats best
> > for them. Especially not if you limit your horizon to a single person
> > (yourself).
>  I'm running tests with more or less experienced people to get some
>  feedback. One of the common thoughts: The icons are very bad. 
>  Tigert? <hint, hint>

Well, the icons look pretty much like the ones in Photoshop. They may be
ugly, but I find them distinctive enough to be useful as a visual clue.

I once tried to make nifty icons but I dont have enough energy for the whole
project at this point. I'll keep it in mind though. If I ever do that I want
it to be as good as possible, in other words I dont want to do it with my
left^H^H^H^Hright hand (I'm left handed :)

The icons are imho very good, try making better ones and you understand
why. Of course they arent PuRdy CuTe, but that is not the point. Most
graphics tools dont have too colorful icons, excluding Painter(tm) of
course.. :)



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