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> On  6 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> > This has been mentioned at least three times on this list: one of them
> > works, the other doesn't.
>  Both don't work correctly, as I stated before. Do you read my mails?
>  The Bezier Select Tool behaves very strange: Points appear automatically
>  here and there and sometimes I can't change a curve. I don't know how
>  this can be reproduced as I can't trigger this bugs always... :/

It has the problem of being very sensitive to pointer accuracy :( Other than
that it works very well, but the bezier tool is perhaps one of the most
complex tools in a image manipulation program. It is also one of the most
powerful ones, thus taking some time to learn. But the point in the path
tool is that it was intended as a replacement _gui_ for the bezier tool,
making the _gui_ more usable. Like it has been mentioned before, it is work
in progress and thus doesnt do anything useful yet. There is no problem in
deciding which one to keep, once it works and is debugged, the current
bezier tool shall die and the path tool shall take its place in the glory.

> > Even a gimp-beginner can find this out in minute or so.
>  A beginner will most probably not use this tool for making
>  selection because it'll give strange results if you don't know how it
>  works... No, this aren't just my thoughts. I demonstrated the GIMP
>  to quite a lot of people who are using it now and tell me those things.

I have made a tutorial on this, which you might find helpful (at least a lot
of people have told me it helped them)


It is just a complex tool, and requires quite a bit of practice. The path
tool plays a major role in photoshop books and courses too.



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