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> This announcement is to let you know that Laurie Petrycki, my editor
> at New Riders Publishing, has generously agreed to send a
> complimentary copy of the book to each of the "core" developers of the
> GIMP.  The definition we finally agreed on for the core developers are
> those persons whose names are listed in the file "about_dialog.c" as
> of version 1.1.15 of the GIMP (see attached list).

Dang! makes me really wish I was on the list ;-) I am looking forward to
your book however. I was salivating over it at the MCP web site.

I look forward to seeing your book in my local book store. Along with
another new GIMP book, Guerilla Guide to Great Graphics with theGimp, and
Gimip for Linux Bible. (I just can't get enough GIMP books).

Congrats on writing such a book.

This leads me to a question for you (You knew this was coming didn't you ;-)

Is there any way to "unflatten" or unmerge layers in the Gimp? Here's why. I
used a Script-Fu script to generate a 3D Text logo for my wife. It looks
very cool. However, the final image only has a single layer and the
background is all white. This means I can't change the background at all no
matter what I've tried. I've tried duplicating the layer and modifying one
layer. I've just tried selecting all the white area - but this doesn't work
well due how the text turned out, etc. but I want to use a different
background for this image. It would be nice if the script-fu scripts kept
the layers in tact so that users could do some more manipulation
ofter-the-fact to fine tune the image a bit.


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