Carl B. Constantine ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Is there any way to "unflatten" or unmerge layers in the Gimp? Here's why. I
> used a Script-Fu script to generate a 3D Text logo for my wife. It looks
> very cool. However, the final image only has a single layer and the
> background is all white. This means I can't change the background at all no
> matter what I've tried. I've tried duplicating the layer and modifying one
> layer. I've just tried selecting all the white area - but this doesn't work
> well due how the text turned out, etc. but I want to use a different
> background for this image. It would be nice if the script-fu scripts kept
> the layers in tact so that users could do some more manipulation
> ofter-the-fact to fine tune the image a bit.

To unmerge the layers would involve significant magic, since this infomation
is lost when flattening the images... You can try to eliminate the
call to (gimp-flatten-image foo) in the script. Hopefully this is the
last step in the script. Then the layers will be preserved.


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