On Wed, Feb 09, 2000 at 11:31:16AM -0600, Miles O'Neal wrote:
> Phillip Hoerter said...
> |
> |I hope this is the right place to send this, if not please forgive me.
> |I have a few .tiff files of clip art I am attempting to work with.  They
> |load just fine on a windows machine.  but on mine I get errors wit xv, ee,
> |and the GIMP,  then they all crash.

I have this covered (off-list with Phillip) and will apply a fix to CVS
as soon as I've figured out what's wrong. Initial resolution is that
this TIFF is broken (illegal) but Gimp should not crash, nor should the
TIFF loader.

> The biggest problem with TIFFs is that anyone can
> add arbitrary extensions, and a lot of folks do.
> What program/system were these TIFFs generated on?

Fortunately even TIFF requires that a baseline decoder should be able to
rely on certain facts about the image data, this TIFF seems to have
violated the rules in some manner still being investigated.


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