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> CMYK is a bit of an oddball subject.  Partly this is because there are
> so many variants (CMY, CMYK, CcMmYK, CcMmYy, CcMmYyK), and partly
> because (to the best of my knowledge) this color space is really only
> useful in the context of specific output devices, which is what the
> print plugin deals with.
> What specifically would your friend like?

Ok, I asked my friend for more details, and here is what he said:

"My main concern is support for TIFF images saved in CMYK format....  Our
advertising agency works in this format, and currently I have to ; get the
image, convert using a corel product from CMYK to RGB, play with an image in
the Gimp, convert back through the corel program and send it back, with
image quality loss every step........ Of course this is probably going to
necessitate a major change in the core, because Gimp currently works only
with RGB colour palettes..."

I'm sure others have similar concerns/wishes so it's good to pass all this
on. Hope we can see something soon...1.3 maybe?

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