> I did not ignore the menu problem.  If the "Help" bug is fixed (it is
> a one-line change in app/menu.c to make it last-from-left), then only
> the "File" menu is visible.  But when I work with very large images, I
> do not need the "Xtns" menu at all, so I can live without it until I
> finish working on full-screen images and go back to a more traditional
> layout for the Gimp toolbox.
> That being said, I also like the columns-spinbutton idea, as long as
> the minimum is 1 column.  I agree with the other parts of your
> message, and with your suggestion to move the Measure tool in the View
> menu or Info window.

Loosing access to a menu may be acceptable to you, but I think it is
in no way acceptable for a program that wants to reach a larger audience.
I see the bugreports coming in daily.  Additionally I don't know how the
color-selector should fit into a one-column layout.
In other word: unacceptable for the masses, but you may always change the
2 to a 1 in the spinbutton creator for your own personal pleasure.

Alternatively we can of course merge all menus into one GIMP menu...

Salut, Sven

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