> Loosing access to a menu may be acceptable to you, but I think it is
> in no way acceptable for a program that wants to reach a larger audience.
> I see the bugreports coming in daily.  Additionally I don't know how the
> color-selector should fit into a one-column layout.
> In other word: unacceptable for the masses, but you may always change the
> 2 to a 1 in the spinbutton creator for your own personal pleasure.
> Alternatively we can of course merge all menus into one GIMP menu...

What about the possibilitie of a tear off menu a-la gnome?  Would this
require all the gnome libs or can it be implemented in straight gtk?  This
way the user has the option of a thin toolbar and a mushed menu or a thin
toolbar and a floating menu.  Or even better, have the toolbar
automatically detach when the width of the toobox gets below a certain
width?  Ok, not a great idea but something to throw into the stew. 



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