On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Austin Donnelly wrote:

> On Saturday, 12 Feb 2000, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > This is not a bug in gimp but in the gtk theme you are using. Therefore it 
> > is not our problem.
> Maybe we should make it our problem.

I agree ... as programs have gotten higher-level, "blame it on the
hardware" has gone to "blame it on the operating system" to "blame it on
the standard" to "blame it on the implementation" to "blame it on the

As someone who works with Java and Swing on a regular basis, I can
certainly respect this =) but it really ought to be possible to put a
few-line workaround into the GIMP so that people who use pixmap themes can
still use this feature, no?

Even if you can deceive people about a product through misleading statements,
sooner or later the product will speak for itself.
- Hajime Karatsu

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