>My usage pattern is
>Fill => Undo => Swap Colours => Fill => Swap Colours
>        ^
>        + insert a "this damnit fill braindamage e3stD%$&DFZG gimp thing"
>          here.
>Apart form the API changes (breaking _some_ plug-ins), I highly welcome
>that change. But I'd also say it was not a bug. "but but" now is a good
>time to change that.

So I am not the only one that has the usage pattern with fill listed above. 
I don't know if its from other graphics programs I have used or just what 
made sense to me but I expected fill to use the foreground colour. I mean 
after all, you don't expect the pencil tool to draw with the background colour.

 From some of the other comments on the mailing list here, perhaps its 
something that should be changed after 1.2 is out. Many scripts may have to 
be adjusted and some of us may have to adjust the way we use GIMP slightly 
but I think it makes more sense to fix something that is a little odd 
rather than live with it forevermore IMHO.


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