>"New" Targa files have a magic string at the end of the file[1], plus
>a bunch of extra information.  The Targa specification tells you how
>and where to expect it.  It does says that for old files you are
>basically screwed :-(

I know that, but since a) the Gimp magic pattern language doesn't seem to
allow matching a string at the end of a file, and b) many (most!) TGA
files today follow the old specification, it is of no help.

Anyway, if the user finds that an application doesn't try to load a file
whose name ends in .tga as a Targa file (or worse, attempts to load it as
a Group 3 fax file), then the same user will assume that the application,
or its programmers, or both, are stupid beyond belief. And rightly so :-)

(Was it OK to post a patch to this list, or should I have sent it somewhere
else? To some CVS repository? Please forgive my cluelessness.)

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