From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 02:37:02 +0100

   just do make my position clear: I was not critizing your decision. My 
   feeling was just that we could have built a similar framework on 
   available resources with substantial interest and a little effort. 
   As long as it helps Gimp development I'm all for it. (That's why I 
   pointed Dirk to your project). 

Possibly, but is it worth the effort?  VA Linux Systems is backing
SourceForge with some fairly serious hardware (see and staffing
resources; they have 5 people managing the site.  They have a dozen
machines that I'd guesstimate are about $50K-$100K of hardware (RAID
boxes and fast tape drives aren't cheap), and they've put a lot of
programming effort behind it.  They're basically running a small scale
data center operation.  I have yet to see any sign of downtime on the
entire system.

I'd argue if anything that it would be worthwhile for the Gimp to move
*its* operation to SourceForge, just to save on the system
administration and backup headaches.  It's always possible to mirror
the CVS repository and other important stuff elsewhere (I'm taking a
snapshot of gimp-print's repository every night as insurance myself).

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