> So I am not the only one that has the usage pattern with fill listed above. 
> I don't know if its from other graphics programs I have used or just what 
> made sense to me but I expected fill to use the foreground colour. I mean 
> after all, you don't expect the pencil tool to draw with the background 
> colour.
>  From some of the other comments on the mailing list here, perhaps its 
> something that should be changed after 1.2 is out. Many scripts may have to 
> be adjusted and some of us may have to adjust the way we use GIMP slightly 
> but I think it makes more sense to fix something that is a little odd 
> rather than live with it forevermore IMHO.

I have reverted the patch that sneaked into CVS one day even so I totally 
agree that the behaviour should be changed. But all scripts and probably 
even some plug-ins make heavy use of it. Look into the Script-Fu scripts,
they are full of 

   (gimp-palette-set-background (`r g b))
   (gimp-edit-fill drawable)

We would have to change them all or we could introduce a weird hack that
only changes the behaviour in the GUI, but wouldn't that be even more

Salut, Sven


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