On 22 Feb, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> I did not like the GNU style at first (especially the space before the
> opening parenthesis) but now I understand that it is very important
> to keep a consistent coding style in each project, because it keeps
> the code manageable and maintainable.  So I always use whatever coding 
> style is recommended for the each project, even if this means that I 
> have to format my patches differently for the Gimp and for a Linux 
> driver, for instance.  Since the Gimp uses the GNU style, I think that 
> it is important to follow the GNU coding guidelines faithfully.

 Okay, will turn from the Standard vi indention into GNU coding style.

 BTW: While browsing the code I saw some file not matching ANY standard
 like xcf.h. It has neither a GNU header nor any guardings....

>> > It's not that much code, and does fix a gaping hole in the i18n
>> > framework for plugins not distributed with gimp. Especially if we
>> > want 1.2 to last a while..
>>  That's absolutely right.
> Yup!  Me too (tm).

 Glad to hear that.



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