I have some working code that does use the pluginrc to store the additional
locale info for plugins (as described in my earlier mail). Additionally 
the framework for setting the domain (and optionally a path) from a plugin
through a PDB call is complete and tested. 

The new PDB call would be (in its wrapped form): 

gimp_plugin_add_locale_domain (gchar *domain_name,
                               gchar *domain_path)

and can only be called in the query function of a plug-in. The domain_path 
may optionally be NULL. Proposals for a better name are welcome.

Daniel, if we can agree on this solution, I would like to check this code
in, so that you can work on adapting your code to the framework. 

While working on the code I came across a new idea which would simplify
things quite a bit eventually: The plugins create their menu_entry in 
app/plug_in.c in the function plug_in_make_menu (). Why not use the 
knowledge about the domain_name the translated string is to be found in 
and only look it up in that domain by passing it to menus_create_item_() ?
You'd only have to change the code to iterate through the plug_in_defs
instead of proc_defs since the domain is stored with the plug_in definition.

Salut, Sven

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