On Sunday, 13 Feb 2000, Kevin Cozens wrote:

> So I am not the only one that has the usage pattern with fill listed
> above.  I don't know if its from other graphics programs I have used
> or just what made sense to me but I expected fill to use the
> foreground colour. I mean after all, you don't expect the pencil
> tool to draw with the background colour.

Fill in 1.1.15 filled with the foreground colour.  Its a bug, out and
out, and should be fixed.

shift-click in 1.0.x fills with background colour.
ctrl-click in 1.1.15 fills with background colour.

I suspect its this logic which is missing a "!".

For the sake of a 1-char edit, I think we can safely fix it.  Won't
this be biting scripts etc too?


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