Raphael Quinet wrote:

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> There are several ways to fix these scripts, and I would like to get
> your opinions about this:
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> A3) Add a new parameter ("background color") to the script so that it
>     uses the value specified in the dialog box instead of using the
>     current colors.
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> B3) Add a "flatten image?" option in all scripts, with the default
>     value set to FALSE.

There was recent discussion about a script user who wanted to
do subsequent modifications, but was faced with the tricky
prospect of making an intricate mask; advise to the user was
"edit the script to eliminate final flattening step." This should
reduce the liklihood of that.

> C2) Change all logo scripts to use "The Gimp" as the default text (or
>     only "GIMP" for those such as "Alien Glow" that look better in all
>     caps).

Literally "The Gimp" provides a l/c ascender, "h" a descender, "p"
and capital letters "T,G" so something is touching on the cap height,
ascender, and descender horizontals. That, I think, would be a good
set of visual cues for planning layouts.

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> D2) Add a "padding" parameter to these scripts, so that it is possible
>     to specify a number of padding pixels around the text.

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> P.S.: Hmmm...  I think that I spent more time writing this message than
>       I would have spent making these changes to the code without
>       asking...

Ah, but consider how you sharpened your mind while considering
all the design issues...;)

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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