I just spoke to someone who tried to get rid of the alpha channel on
their image before saving it (his gimp was pre-export stuff).

It's true that, even though I knew what I was looking for, it took me
a while to find the flatten option.

The deceiving thing is that while "<Image>/Image/Alpha/Add alpha
channel" exists, the corresponding "Remove alpha channel" is not on
the same menu.  This is deeply confusing.  You have to go to the L&C
dialog to get the "flatten" option.  And only then, if you know what
flatten does, will this make sense.

I suggest adding a "Remove alpha channel" option to the
<Image>/Image/Alpha/ menu, which just calls the flatten routine.

Yes, I know this should be mostly solved with the export stuff, but
there are still times when you want to get rid of an alpha channel.


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