> On 13 Feb, Kelly Lynn Martin wrote:
> > This can be dangerous; you can get a resizing loop if your code isn't
> > carefully written.  Window managers can refuse to accept a client
> > resize request or can modify it, which could result in a duel between
> > GIMP and the window manager as the two fight over who gets to decide
> > what size the window will be.
>  Hm, but how does it work to create the initial window then? Doesn't
>  gtk/gdk tell the window manager how big the window should be?


Kelly's right; there is no confusion about it. Window managers own windows.
Period. The best that an application can do is HINT about a 'favored size', but
said application has to be prepared to deal with the circumstance when that size
is not available. This is because window managers are run by users, who express
all kinds of preferences to the window manager itself. Indeed, a window manager
isn't even obligated to MAP an application.

Be good, be well.

Garry Osgood

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