On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Tom Rathborne wrote:

> I often alternate between drawing with the pencil and selecting &
> filling with Ctrl-. The current arrangement actually makes the most
> sense to me.
> Tom

I echo this sentiment.  The current arrangement was very intuitive to me,
even when I first saw it.

More importantly, however, this is essentially an arbitrary decision: some
people will find it more or less confusing either way, and in such cases
it usually makes sense to stick with historical precedent.

Perhaps we could compromise: control-period for
fill-with-background-color, control-comma for fill-with-foreground-color?
With all the bugfixing and "shrink-wrapping" that needs to go on for 1.2,
it seems a HUGE waste of time to be worrying about something like this.  
"If it ain't broke..."

Even if you can deceive people about a product through misleading statements,
sooner or later the product will speak for itself.
- Hajime Karatsu

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