Glyph Lefkowitz send this message privately, but I'd like to move
the discussion back onto the list. I hope that OK with him...

> Why are you bothering to change this behavior (edit/fill) when it makes
> sense to 1/2 of the people who use GIMP, it's a historical precedent in
> terms of the UI, and it's a huge amount of work to get to function
> correctly?  Are there not enough bugs in the gimp that need to be
> fixed that more twiddling like this needs to be done?
> In case you couldn't tell, :-) I am personally bothered by the change,
> since I typically use a foreground paint-tool, such as the airbrush, and
> fill areas with Ctrl-. in a different color.  This will result in an extra
> keystroke, and I'm sure it will confuse me for months to come, as it will
> other gimp users who are used to the old behaviour... so the work to
> change all these script calls seems not only generally wasteful, it is
> actually harmful in some cases... is there some technical reason why this
> way would be better...

Cleaning up the scripts and providing a more consistent set of parameters
looks like a very important job to me and I'm glad that Raphael wants to
take it. I'm not yet convinced that changing the Edit->Fill behaviour is
really useful. Probably we should keep the current behaviour as it will
keep us from introducing more bugs and add another Preferences option that
only affects the GUI...

Salut, Sven

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