On images without alpha, Edit->Clear and Edit->Fill always behave the
same, so one of them is redundant on alpha-less images.

This is what constantly puzzled me ever since I used these options. For me,
clearing and filling are opposite actions.

Another thing that puzzled me was that Edit->Clear behaved very
differently depending on wether my image had an alpha channel (and thus,
it behaved differently depending on the active layer, very disturbing
(for me), just like the former (and needless) distinction between the
background layer and a normal layer.

Connected to that is that I (after working with the gimp for some
time now) think that alpha is handled very poorly from the ui
perspective. There is no way to pre-select alpha in the current Image->New
dialog (it was factored differently in 1.0, not nevertheless better).

What's worse: it is _very_ difficult to get rid of alpha again. It seems
that the gimp really likes to have alpha enabled (for good reasons). IMHO,
Edit->Clear should always act the same (adding an alpha channel if
necessary), and maybe, but only maybe, we should have seperate Edit->Fill
BG and Edit->Fill FG items.

This mail is probably not 1.2 stuff, though ;)

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