On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Sven Neumann wrote:

> The idea to have another menu entry is IMHO a good one and better then 
> adding a new preferences option. But please do not use a script or 
> another weird hack that changes the fg/bg for the fill, then restores 
> it later. Better add a fill_type parameter to the internal edit_fill()
> function and default to FOREGROUND_FILL for the PDB call.

I like this, but as I proposed before, I believe leaving Ctrl-. bound to
fill-with-bg would be a good idea (since I don't know of anybody going to
the menu option on a regular basis...).  It would be intuitive (IMHO) to
bind Ctrl-, to fill-with-fg; it occurrs to me that being able to do both
easily might be useful, without swapping colors.

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