By some sort of strange coincidence, I was in the process of cleaning
up the file gimp_tips.txt, when I saw the message from Ar't suggesting
to update that file.

Well, here are some tips that I would like to remove from gimp_tips.txt:

: When trying to save files as GIF, XPM, or any other indexed 
: color format, you need to convert the image to indexed using 
: the Image menu.

This is not true anymore.  The Export feature works rather well for
RGB-to-Indexed conversions and will also warn you if your image has
multiple layers and the image format supports only one.

: All the old channel operations have been replaced with the more
: powerful and flexible Layer and Layer Mode operations.  They may 
: take getting used to, but they are simply a better way to operate.

This was only useful for users of Gimp 0.60 or so.  Most of the
current Gimp users have started with 1.0.4 or have had plenty of time
to learn the new Layer operations, so this can be removed.

: When installing a new version, be sure to 
: delete your ~/.gimp directory first.

This is wrong for the 1.1.x releases, and should not be necessary

I will also remove the FIXME comments, because they are obsolete.

I think that we should not put too many tips in that file.  Instead,
we should focus on putting the most useful tips there and make sure
that the user takes a look at the on-line help (which should contain
most of the information that is currently provided by the tips).  I
added the "Tip of the day" feature to the Gimp some time ago because
there was no decent on-line help that could explain some hidden things
such as the usage of Shift and Ctrl while making selections.  But now
that the on-line help is shaping up, maybe we could change the tips
and take the existing help pages into account.


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