Blue Lang wrote:

> did someone take that out of cvs?

Yes. From ChangeLog:

>> Wed Feb 16 14:46:14 CET 2000  Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>  * app/pathsP.h: removed
>>  * app/path.h
>>  * app/pathP.h
>>  * app/path_transform.h: new header files. Only files that absolutely
>>  need to access the Path structures internally need to include pathP.h.
>>  All other functionality is described in the other header files.

> i just did an update from the anon-cvs
> tree (the one hosted by debian,) and cvs axed pathsP.h from the app/ dir.
> now gimp won't build.
> any ideas?

Hm. Did you (1) tidy up through 'make distclean?' (2) Rebuild's
through ' <your favorite configure preferences>' (
rebuilds configure, then runs the new configure for you) (3) make all.

This synchronizes the configure script and makefiles with changes in the tree

> actually, nothing is getting put into the intl/ dir either.. the main
> makefile still looks for stuff in there. i've been just taking intl out of
> my makefile, configuring with --disable-nls and
> --dont-use-the-included-intlgetextthingy and crossing my fingers, but, no
> luck..

Last few days, there have been synchronization problems between
various anoncvs servers - see 'CVS ChangeLog' thread.

> should i blow away my work dir and get a clean cvs dump, or is there a
> muckup in there?

I think 'muck up' qualifies. Personally, I find it reassuring to tarball
the work directory, blow it away, and let CVS build a new one from
scratch, but that seems unnecessary in this case. Good luck.

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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