It's a little confusing to me sometimes to use the gradient tool, thinking
the gradient at the bottom of the toolbar will be used, and finding out that
it's actually using the FG-BG colors (or vice versa). I do know how to
change it, but sometimes I forget which is in effect.

It would be nice if there was a magic option in the gradient selection list
called something like "[FG-BG colors]" that automatically showed a thumbnail
of what the bg/fg colors would look like as a gradient. When it's selected,
it would also display in the bottom of the toolbar, and dynamically update
when the colors change.

That way, no matter what gradient method is selected, the indicator at the
bottom of the toolbar will always show you what colors you'll see when you
make a gradient, independant of whether you're using a pre-set gradient or a
bg-fg color gradient.

This is just a suggestion, and not a demand for immediate action.

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