I'm experimenting with gimp_image_get_resolution().  It appears (in
1.1.17, at any rate) that whatever I set the units to I always get a
resolution back that's expressed in dots per inch.  Is this behavior
correct?  If so, did it work this way in 1.0 also?  This is so I can
investigate its use with the Print plugin.

Doing it correctly won't be entirely trivial, since the print plugin
currently assumes xres == yres, but I want to start investigating it.
Whatever happens, it won't get back ported to 3.0.

Also, are we any closer to a release timetable for 1.2 (and for
1.1.18)?  I'm accumulating a few bugs in 3.0.6, but I want to try to
schedule a 3.0.7 in time to make 1.1.18 even if not all of the bugs
are fixed, and I'd also like a decent SWAG at 1.2 for future

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