> I'm experimenting with gimp_image_get_resolution().  It appears (in
> 1.1.17, at any rate) that whatever I set the units to I always get a
> resolution back that's expressed in dots per inch.  Is this behavior
> correct?  If so, did it work this way in 1.0 also?  This is so I can
> investigate its use with the Print plugin.

>From the PDB documentation:
 gimp_image_get_resolution (image_ID):
 This procedure returns the specified image's resolution in dots per inch.

And no, gimp-1.0 did know nothing about resolution.

> Doing it correctly won't be entirely trivial, since the print plugin
> currently assumes xres == yres, but I want to start investigating it.
> Whatever happens, it won't get back ported to 3.0.

I don't want to repeat myself, but the fact that the print plug-in 
ignores the resolution info is not only a shame, but IMO a bug. Adding the
necessary GUI elements is more or less trivial.

> Also, are we any closer to a release timetable for 1.2 (and for
> 1.1.18)?  I'm accumulating a few bugs in 3.0.6, but I want to try to
> schedule a 3.0.7 in time to make 1.1.18 even if not all of the bugs
> are fixed, and I'd also like a decent SWAG at 1.2 for future
> planning.

It's ready when it's done. Have a look at 
to see how many bugs are still open. Since only few people are actively
working at closing these bugs, it may take some time... Yosh might be 
able to tell you if there are any plans for a 1.1.18 release yet.

Salut, Sven

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