> Mind, based on my own DTP experience, I'm not entirely convinced that
> this is all that useful, anyway.  When I did newsletters, I had to fit
> photos and other graphics to the page; nominal image size meant very
> little beyond being careful not to enlarge things too much.  The 3.1
> plugin has a much better mechanism already in place for sizing and
> placing the image than the 3.0 plugin has, which allows exact
> placement (to the nearest point).  It isn't perfect, but it's a lot
> better than the cut and try in 3.0.  I encourage people to grab the
> 3.1 stuff from the repository at gimp-print.sourceforge.net and try
> this for themselves.
> If the print plugin is being used to create standalone hardcopy
> output, I think it's more useful most of the time to scale the image
> to the paper like one does with a photographic print.  DPI is of some
> use if you want a perfect match between printer resolution and output
> (so that each output line spans an equal number of printer
> rows/columns to avoid uneven pixelation), but in that case the output
> resolution must be chosen to match the printer's capabilities.  Web
> publishing is different from print; on the web, the pixel is the basic
> unit of measurement and images get scaled for a target screen size, so
> you do want to know how many pixels there are per inch.

Don't underestimate the importance of the resolution info for the print
plugin. The following task may not be very professional, but it is 
certainly something the average gimp user does frequently:

Scan in an image, retouch it, collage it, whatever, then print it.

When doing this with gimp-1.1.x all parts of the data stream support the
resolution information. The scanner plug-in uses it, the application gives
you the necessary infos in realsize units, you may even save and load your 
image in between in a variety of formats. But when you choose to print the
image, that information carried along all the way is useless, since it is
simply ignored. We have added the image resolution in 1.1 only to make Gimp
better suited for printed graphics. CYMK support is still missing, but I
thought we'd at least manage to integrate the resolution info completely.

Salut, Sven 

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