> > > Maybe best would be to have a magic entry in the gradient editor
> > > "FG->BG" and "BG->FG" which would change accordingly, and remove the
> > > selection from the gradient tool.

Even better: have a reverse gradient toggle so that all gradients can 
be easily reversed...

Before anyone starts to hack on this, you should know that people have 
already failed to do so and only nearly escaped getting totally mad. 
There is no use to waste another minute on the gradients before the 
gradient has become a real GtkObject. The interdependancies between
gradient_selector, gradient_editor, gimp_context, indicator_area, 
device_status and the blend_tool are one of the worst areas in the 
gimp-core. This could and should be solved by making the gradient a 
proper object with the ability to emit signals. But I fear it's too
late to do that now.

Salut, Sven

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