On 21 Feb, Blue Lang wrote:

> did that. :) 
> if you have time, would it be possible to get someone with better
> bandwidth than i to download a clean copy of CVS gimp and see if it
> builds?

 Yes, it builds.... it's in our SuSE internal database....

> i've done distclean and autogen, etc, etc - apps/pathsP.h is
> still not in CVS (and there still seem to be dependancies on it,) and
> the intl/ dir stuff still stops the build cold.

> Should 1.1.17 build w/out gnu gettext if I configure with
> --disable-nls?

 It should, this isn't tested thoroughly though, because we
 expect people being tough enough to test the CVS version to
 have all the necessary utils including gettext-0.10.35.



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