This is the first version on the 3.1 (development) series.  It is
available at  In addition to the
plug-in for the Gimp, the same source base is used as the nucleus of a
GhostScript driver to support Epson Stylus printers.

Gimp developers, should I send these announcements to gimp-developer,
or should individuals simply subscribe to gimp-print-announce?  Also,
any other suggestions about where I should send this announcement?

The release notes follow:

This is the Print plugin for the Gimp, version 3.1.0.  This is a
development release, the first on the 3.1 branch.  If this software
causes your print head to zoom off the end of your printer, spilling
ink all over your 1000 year old Persian rug, don't blame us.
Remember, you installed the software.

This software also comes with a GhostScript driver for Epson Stylus
printers.  The support for Epson Stylus printers in the GhostScript
driver is identical to the support for these printers in the Print
plugin -- they use the identical code base.

This plugin can be compiled against either Gimp 1.1 or 1.0.

Print 3.1.0 contains the following user-visible improvements over
Print 3.0.5, the version distributed with the Gimp 1.1.17:

1) Preliminary support for Canon BubbleJet printers (specifically the

2) Preliminary support for the Epson Stylus Color 440/640/740/900 and
   Stylus Photo 750/1200 printers.  These printers should in theory
   work in all modes, although that has not been comprehensively
   tested.  1440 dpi mode on the 900 in particular may not work.
   There is also pre-preliminary support for the Stylus Photo 870 and
   1270 based on the published specifications.  This driver is
   completely untuned for these printers at present.

3) Ability to position the image on the page to the point (1/72", or
   about .35 mm), along with a more accurate depiction of the
   positioning on the page.

4) One-click ability to scale to the image resolution (Gimp 1.1 only).

5) Much better handling of the saved state (printrc file), including
   saving of parameters related to file output.

6) Utilities (in various states of completion) to reconstitute an
   image from a print file.

7) Bug fixes for density in indexed and gray modes, and for excess
   pseudo-black printing in general.

There are additional improvements over Print 2.0.2 (the version
distributed with Gimp 1.1.11 and earlier) too numerous to list here.

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