On 22 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> With the usage of static array and buffer lengths you demonstrated in 
> your patch it will most likely introduce one or two new bugs, but
> that could easily be hacked up a little cleaner

 Of course I could have used a linked list, but I'm not sure if
 it's worth using it.

> I also don't like the format of the localerc you proposed since it
> doesn't look like the other files in ~/.gimp-1.1. Why not use the
> scheme-like syntax people are used to use and that the gimp can parse
> anyway?

 I'd like to avoid having to extend the parser from GIMP because
 I don't need much functionality and this would surely introduce
 more bugs. But if this is a real concern, then I'll do it together
 with point 1.

> I'm not yet convinced that this goal is worth all the hassle. What do
> other people on this list think about this?

 If we don't change it know we'll be shipping 1.2 with crippled
 localisation support, since the number of plugins is increasing
 constantly and we're trying to get rid of some in the main distribution
 I really thing that something like this is a really must-have.



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