On 22 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

 [ ... many thought about localerc deleted ... ]

 Well, you are right in all your points. I just decided
 to use a new file because I don't need much functionality
 and therefore could keep it simple as well as the functions
 in GIMP and libgimp to deal with it.
> So why, I ask you, don't we just put the locale information 
> into the pluginrc. It should be trivial to extend the parser 
> to optionally read two additional lines after the proc-args 
> in the form of:
>  (locale-domain "funky_plugin")
>  (locale-path   "~/.gimp-1.1/po")

 Yes, this was an idea, too. But like you said:
 - need to expand the parser.
 - need to check the domainlist for duplicated entries on
   every addition of a new domain otherwise we'd have possibly 
   hundreds of gettext calls for a translation lookup.
 - need to add parsing functionality to libgimp to write the entries
   to pluginrc.

 or instead of the last point we'd need to change the wire protocol
 and add additional fields to the plugin structures and thus introduce
 an imcompatibility.  

> Since this entries would be optional and 
> only used for plug-ins added on top of the standard distribution, 
> I doubt it would hurt us much.

 But it would be a lot harder to implement this. I made some experiments
 with the pdb solution and can now state that it's really hopeless. 

 Adding parsing functionality to libgimp just to add the entries at the
 right place and only if they aren't already there doesn't make much
 sense to me but would be possible. I wanted it to stay as simple as
 possible (KISS method) because of the late date. 

 I'd rather rebuild the database from time to time to keep it clean
 instead of introducing a lot of new stuff.


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