> > Actually I don't see hundreds
> > of internationalized plugins in addition to the ones that come with
> > gimp
>  But even those will have their own entry. One entry per plugin. 
>  Considering the amount of plugins we ship with GIMP nowadays this
>  would alone lead above hundred entries.

Why should they have an entry? The current solution for the plugins
distributed with The GIMP works reasonably good. I don't see why we 
should ditch the hardcoded path in favor of a config file the user 
will be able to mess with. I thought your proposal would only be a 
hook for additional plugins?!

> > There's no way to avoid this.
>  There is a way, my way.

I was speaking about the fact that whatever solution we come up
with will not be backward compatible. It should however be robust
and shouldn't keep old plugins from running.

I will have to look through the code in app/plug_in.c a little more,
but I think I was wrong in my last mail and there's no need to change
the wire protocol at all. 
> > I just do not see your point in keeping this very plug-in-specific
> > info out of pluginrc where it belongs. app/plug_in.c contains all 
> > the code you need to parse and write the pluginrc. Additionally 
> > there's code to keep the plugin info in sync with the actually 
> > installed binaries. Your solution is very weak when it comes to 
> > that point and I see some substantial problems in that weakness.
>  And I see bigger problems in changing all the parse and wireprotocol
>  code to add such a small "feature" (it's more a bugfix).

The amount of code-changes is IMHO more or less equal. The small 
feature you want to add should be well-thought and I don't see 
why you simply wipe away the arguments have I put up against your 
solution. Don't tell me that you have spent days to create your patch 
and don't want your hard work to be discarded. 

Salut, Sven

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